Q1: What time does the cow sale start?
A1: As soon as the calf sale ends. Normally this is a little after 3pm. This normally depends on how many calves we have that certain week. You are welcome to contact us on Saturdays around 11:00am and we should be able to let you know more information.
Q2: How soon after my animals sell will I be able to pick up my check?
A2: It usually only takes about 10-15 minutes once your animal has gone through the ring and sold for your check to be printed. Then it is ready for pickup at any time. 

Q3: If I don't pick up my check on Saturdays, when might I expect it in the mail?
A3: Someone is at the sale barn all night Saturday until 11:00am Sunday morning. You are welcome to pick your check up at any time. Monday morning someone is there from 8:30am-2:00pm. If none of these times are good for you and you would prefer picking your check up you may contact the sale barn at 817*556*9090. Monday after 2:00pm the checks will be mailed out unless someone at the barn is notified otherwise.